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Hi, This is pharmacist George, as you can see, I have been in your shoes and I know what you are going through. I was miserable growing up but against all odds I pulled myself from the brink.

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"Defeat Obesity, Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Excess Stress and Smoking Forever in 6 Weeks or Sooner. That's a Promise"

The essence of a good life is a lifelong good health. It matters not the color of your skin, your religion, the continent you are from, your gender or whether you are rich or poor; without good health the enjoyment and purpose of life cease to exist.

Research confirms that diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol which affect tens of millions of people are largely caused by preventable conditions such as excess weight, obesity, physical inactivity, unbalanced eating habits and tobacco use; in other words by unfavorable lifestyles.

The fountain of health and youth starts with making favorable lifestyle choices, building favorable habits such as making persistently balanced food and activity choices and immediately stopping the use of all tobacco products.

My evidence-based books that are written in very simple styles anyone with a third grade education can understand, address the very heart of all of these issues. Every human's lifelong quest should be to seek good health first.

“The good news - All these conditions are preventable!”

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Amazing but true! Now here are the tools and resources you need - to discover how you can prevent, manage or even reverse diabetes, pre-diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, obesity, physical inactivity, manage stress, quit smoking, and boost your sexual health in the process!

The plague of the 21st century is among us, affecting every
than ANY of the health organizations predictions.

Startling statistics from the CDC reveal that in USA more than 180 million adults and children are obese and overweight, 110 million are walking with partially blocked arteries, 160 million have blood pressure or pre-blood pressure, 76 million have diabetes or pre-diabetes, 40 million are smokers and 700,000 die every year from heart related disease or attacks. Worse yet!

The CDC revealed recently that 1.7 million die every year in USA from three
preventable causes: Obesity, physical inactivity and smoking!

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Across the globe - more disasters - diabetes is plaguing 247 million people worldwide of whom 120 million are in India and more than 20% of the populations of many Middle Eastern countries are diabetic.

In China the health crisis is even worse. The number of obese and overweight people has reached an alarming all time high to more than 290 million (the entire population of USA) a whopping 97% jump since 1992.

What's to blame? The 'Western sedentary lifestyle', the 'Western fast food diet' and your own unbalanced choices of food, snacks and beverages (you are bringing home to consume along with your kids) and your killer couch potato habits. Top all this nightmare scenario with tobacco use. Yes it's true!

Worse yet - Smoking is on the rise globally and is a leading cause of death in USA and worldwide killing more than 5 million people globally every year and expecting to kill a whopping 650 million people in the next few decades according to the World Health Organizations. Almost all populations of the earth are heavy tobacco users especially Europeans, Chinese, Middle Easterners, Africans and people in India.

Heart Disease is the number one killer of men and women in USA and globally - A direct result of your unfavorable daily choices!

If you are on medications and think you are protected!
Then read those startling statistics again!

Surreal but true! People in USA and across the globe are entangled with lethal cocktails of one more of these deadly risk factors. Let's face it - The imminent dangers that people are facing can be avoided.

These practical and very simple to read e-books will deliver the solutions to you - on a silver plate.

Will power is not needed here!

PS: The cost of any of those e-books is cheaper than the cost of a brisket or the gallons of sugary beverages and bags of potato chips you purchase every week and dump in your belly and arteries without a second thought.

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